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House Calls available for: Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Oeiras, Estoril
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  How do I go to MM-Massagem® Lisboa? Do I need to establish a contact first? It's easy to park the car? Can you come to my home instead?

Nothing better than Google Maps to know how to get to us. Right below, you have a map showing you the way you need to choose.

Please have in mind that you need to book your service first (our contacts are along with the massages descriptions). You can contact us from Monday to Friday.

Yes, it's very easy to park your car near our massage center. But if you want, we do house calls as well, so feel free to choose the way that can serve you best!
  What is MM-Massagem®? Who is Miguel Boim? Which massages and therapies are available?

Well, first of all, thanks for your interest in our services.

MM-Massagem® is a brand of a short group of reliable therapists who focus themselves in providing massages and other therapies having in count the Human perspective as well as a profound comprehension of working the body.

Miguel Boim is who's addressing to you right now. I've started my own massage business in 2005, and from then on, I've been trying to gather a small group of very trustful therapists who can correspond to the expectatives of who look for massages and other body / organism - related therapies. If you choose one of the available massages, much likely you'll find me at the center or doing your house call.

To know more about the services we have available for you, just scroll down, and if any doubt may arouse in you, feel free to contact me!

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Any doubt that you may have, concerning our services or massage, feel free to contact us.
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